Shiba Inu in US Colors Weight Sizes Characteristics

The Shiba Inu, an ancient and spirited breed from Japan, has firmly established itself in the hearts and homes of dog enthusiasts throughout the United States. Renowned for its distinct colors, moderate size, and unique traits, the Shiba Inu has become a highly sought-after companion with a personality as vibrant as its coat. From fiery red tones to more subtle cream and black variations, Shiba Inus display a captivating array of colors.

Coat Color Description
Red Deep and lustrous red, the quintessential Shiba color
Black and Tan Black body with tan markings on the face, legs, and chest
Sesame Blend of black, red, and cream hairs, speckled appearance
Cream Lighter rendition of red, ranging from pale orange to white
Fawn Gentle and tan hue, a lighter version of sesame
Brindle Rare pattern showcasing stripes of black, red, and cream
White Very pale cream with barely discernible markings
Blue Striking coat with a bluish-gray undertone (unofficial)
Cream Sable Exceptionally rare color, a combination of cream and sable

In this exploration of Shiba Inus in the U.S., we delve into their exceptional characteristics, highlighting the diverse spectrum of coat colors and the range of sizes and weights that contribute to their endearing allure. Embark on a journey into the world of Shiba Inus, where the fusion of aesthetics and personality defines this extraordinary breed.

Shiba Inu Colors

Shiba Inus are renowned for their exquisite and diverse coat colors! Although their vibrant red fur is often the first to come to mind, there are actually ten officially recognized coat colors for this delightful breed. Here is a breakdown:

Common Colors:

  1. Red: This is the quintessential Shiba color, a deep and lustrous red that instantly evokes the image of a Shiba Inu.
  2. Black and Tan: Another popular color, featuring a black body with tan markings on the face, legs, and chest.
  3. Sesame: A captivating blend of black, red, and cream hairs, resulting in a mesmerizing speckled appearance. There are two variations: sesame and black sesame, with the latter having more black than red.

Less Common Colors:

  1. Cream: A lighter rendition of red, ranging from pale orange to nearly white.
  2. Fawn: A gentle and tan hue resembling a lighter version of sesame.
  3. Brindle: A rare pattern showcasing stripes of black, red, and cream.
  4. White: Although not truly pure white, this color is a very pale cream with barely discernible markings. It is not universally recognized by all kennel clubs.

Super Rare Colors:

  1. Blue: A striking coat with a bluish-gray undertone. This color is not officially recognized due to potential health concerns.
  2. Cream Sable: An exceptionally rare color that combines cream and sable markings.
  3. In addition to the coat color, all Shiba Inus possess distinct white markings known as urajiro. These markings typically appear on the muzzle, chest, belly, legs, and beneath the tail.

Shiba Inu Weight

The weight of a Shiba Inu can be influenced by various factors, including gender, genetics, and individual differences. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), male Shiba Inus typically weigh between 23-30 pounds (10.4-13.6 kg), while females weigh between 17-23 pounds (7.7-10.4 kg).

Another source suggests that both male and female Shiba Inus can weigh between 17 and 23 pounds when fully grown, with females generally being on the smaller end of this range. However, it’s important to note that there can be variations among individuals, and some Shiba Inus may weigh more or less than the average ranges mentioned.

To ensure your dog’s well-being, it is crucial to monitor their weight and seek guidance from a veterinarian to ensure they maintain a healthy weight suitable for their size and body structure.

Shiba Inu in US Colors Weight Sizes Characteristics

Shiba Inu Sizes

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that a fully grown male Shiba Inu typically stands at a height of approximately 14.5-16.5 inches (37-42 cm), while a female Shiba Inu is slightly smaller, measuring 13.5-15.5 inches (34-39 cm). The ideal weight for a male Shiba Inu is around 23 pounds (10.4 kg), whereas a female Shiba Inu should weigh between 17-23 pounds (7.7-10.4 kg).

Both male and female Shiba Inus can reach a weight of 17-23 pounds at maturity, although females tend to be on the smaller side within that range. A fully grown Shiba Inu should have a compact yet well-balanced appearance.

Shiba Inu Characteristics

The Shiba Inu is a captivating breed known for its unique charm and quirks. Here is a breakdown of their notable characteristics:


  • Shibas are a small to medium breed, weighing around 20-25 pounds and standing about 14-17 inches tall.
  • They have a double coat, with a thick, fluffy undercoat and a harsh outer coat. Their coat comes in various colors such as red, sesame, black and tan, and even rare ones like blue or cream sable.
  • With their pointed ears, curled tails, and almond-shaped eyes, Shibas have a distinct resemblance to foxes.


  • Shibas are independent and confident, often displaying strong personalities. They can be stubborn at times and don’t always seek constant attention.
  • Despite not being lap dogs, they form strong bonds with their families and show affection on their own terms.
  • Shibas are alert and watchful, making them excellent watchdogs. They are always aware of their surroundings and quick to bark at anything unusual.
  • While they have a serious side, Shibas also have a playful and curious nature. They enjoy games, activities, and exploring new things.


  • Shibas have moderate exercise needs. Regular walks and playtime are necessary, but they are not high-energy dogs that require extensive exercise.
  • They have a strong prey drive, so it’s important to be mindful of small animals and keep them on a leash during walks.
  • Shibas are known for their cleanliness and grooming habits, similar to cats.
  • Training Shibas can be challenging due to their independent nature. Patience and positive reinforcement are key when training them.
  • They can be good with children, but supervision is recommended due to their strong personalities.

Overall, Shiba Inus are delightful companions for the right owner. Their independent spirit, loyalty, and unique charm make them truly special dogs.

Shiba Inu Height

The Shiba Inu is a breed of medium-sized dogs known for their compact and well-proportioned physique. As stated by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the height of a fully grown Shiba Inu can vary based on their gender:

  • Male Shiba Inus typically stand between 14.5 to 16.5 inches (37 to 42 cm) tall.
  • Female Shiba Inus generally measure around 13.5 to 15.5 inches (34 to 39 cm) in height.

When it comes to weight, both male and female Shiba Inus usually weigh between 17 to 23 pounds (7.7 to 10.4 kg) once they reach maturity. However, females tend to be on the smaller side within this weight range. It is important for a fully grown Shiba Inu to exhibit a compact yet well-balanced appearance.

Shiba inu in us Price

The price range of Shiba Inu (SHIB) in the United States is roughly $0.000009 to $0.000010 per SHIB. The market capitalization varies from $5.58 billion to $6.3 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume ranges from $104.13 million to $193.5 million. The circulating supply of SHIB is estimated to be between 589.3 trillion and 589.3 quadrillion. It’s important to note that the price is susceptible to fluctuations in the market.

Shiba Inu in US

Shiba Inu Personality

The Shiba Inu possesses a courageous, lively, and determined temperament. It is renowned for its intelligence, attentiveness, and self-assurance, displaying a kind disposition and unwavering loyalty towards its family.

Nevertheless, it can also exhibit an independent nature, territorial tendencies, and wariness towards unfamiliar individuals. This breed exhibits a strong instinct to chase prey and may struggle to coexist harmoniously with other dogs, particularly if not spayed or neutered.

To prevent monotony and destructive behavior, Shiba Inus necessitate firm and consistent training as well as ample mental and physical stimulation. While they make devoted and affectionate companions, they may not be suitable for novice dog owners. The breed’s temperament is most compatible with owners who comprehend and value its distinctive attributes.

Shiba inu Lifespan

The Shiba Inu typically lives for 12 to 15 years, provided they are in good health. This breed is generally healthy and does not have many genetic problems. With proper care, they can enjoy a lengthy and satisfying life.

It is worth noting that some sources suggest an average lifespan of 13 to 16 years, which highlights the possibility of individual differences. Regular exercise, grooming, and preventive healthcare play crucial roles in maintaining the overall well-being and extending the lifespan of Shiba Inus.

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